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What is the Best AC Setting in Summer for Comfort and Energy Saving?

ac setting for summer

The temperature set on your thermostat when your Air Conditioner is running is mainly a matter of personal comfort. Knowing what temperature during those hot summer months is best can save you on restless nights and overpriced energy bills. In Ontario, we get some hot summers, and DC Air receives numerous requests for both AC installation and repair. We also receive questions regarding the best temperature for AC and how to create a comfortable room temperature in the summer. Here, we will discuss the best temperature to set your AC during the summer and cover some tips on the best humidity level for a home in summer.

How to Set a Thermostat in the Summer

The average AC setting in the summer is 26 degrees Celsius. However, Statistics Canada suggests that most Canadians have an average house temperature in the summer of:
  • 24ºC or higher when out of the house.
  • 20ºC to 23ºC at home during the day.
  • 20ºC to 23ºC at home while asleep.
Why do these temperatures make sense? The higher your thermostat is during the summer, the less likely your AC unit is to turn on and try to cool the house. This makes it a smart energy-saving idea to keep your thermostat higher when you aren’t at home do not need to worry about the temperature.

Energy Savings Per Degree on a Thermostat

When plagued by the question, “What should I set my air conditioner at this summer?”, it helps to know that 2-3 degrees Celsius can save you money. In fact, you could see savings of as much as 10% every year by following this rule. For a cool thermostat setting (AC in the summer), turn your thermostat up 2-3 degrees Celsius. In the winter, take the opposite approach, lowering it by 2-3 degrees Celsius. This keeps your furnace from turning on prematurely in winter, and your AC from burning energy in the summer.

Add a Humidifier to Help with Recommended AC Temperature Setting in Summer

If you find it difficult to follow the energy-efficient heating and cooling temperature suggestions, you are not alone. Ontario gets some mighty hot summers. Fortunately, there are workarounds, especially when contemplating, “What is the best AC temperature for sleeping” or “How low should I set my thermostat at night?” The answer: A humidifier. A humidifier works by adding moisture to the air in your home. This is especially helpful during the hot dry summer season. Water cools quickly, extending the energy used by AC into long-lasting coolness for your home. This lets you run your AC unit less, and at higher temperatures, but still enjoy a cool house throughout the hot summer nights. If you find that your house seems too Humid you could instead add a dehumidifier to achieve the best humidity. If you’re wondering what the ideal humidity would be, below is a helpful guide for you to make an educated decision.

Other Summer Cooling Tips from DC Air

Along with our above energy saving suggestions, we have some additional ways to keep cool in the summer season, such as:
  • Adding blinds or shutters to block the sun at peak hours.
  • Planting a tree line on the southern side of your home.
  • Have AC and air system tuned prior to the summer season.
  • Be consistent with temperature settings.
Interested in learning more about the best AC settings in summer? We invite you to contact DC Air and chat with one of our heating and cooling experts. Contact us today.