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All You Need To Know About ecobee Thermostat & Its Benefits

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We are now living in a “smart” world. Modern technology has advanced to the point where nearly everything we use at home or work is interconnected and hooked on the internet. It all started with the smartphone back in the mid-2000s, leading to smart cars, speakers, tablets, lights, refrigerators, televisions, watches, and doorbells of today. One of the coolest (excuse the pun) smart devices now available is the ecobee smart thermostat. It offers a new level of comfort and unparalleled energy savings. Every homeowner in 2021 should have the ecobee smart thermostat installed in their house. Let’s take a look at all the advantages a cutting-edge ecobee has to offer.

The Benefits of the ecobee Smart Thermostat

The first big benefit of having the ecobee thermostat is the savings you will enjoy on your power bill. The ecobee smart thermostat features will let you experience savings of up to 23% annually on heating and cooling. Along with high rates of savings, your ecobee lets you track your energy use. With an ecobee thermostat, you will receive a monthly savings report with helpful tips and you can compare your results to other ecobee users in the neighbourhood. It has a smart home and away feature that makes your home’s heating or cooling more efficient and comfortable. It works by automatically adjusting your home’s temperature at a set time when you leave, while also rapidly restoring your comfort settings at your set return time. The ecobee thermostat will give you a plethora of settings allowing you to make different settings for when you’re home, at work, on vacation, or sleeping. To learn more, contact our team at DC Air today!

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ecobee vs Google Nest

The ecobee and Nest are two of the best-selling smart thermostats available on the market today. What should you choose, ecobee or Nest? Both are typically the same price depending on where you decide to buy or different sales promotions. The biggest difference between the Nest and the ecobee lies in adjusting your smart device. While the Nest uses a dial mechanism that you turn manually to change the temperature, the ecobee has a sleek square touchscreen design. Appearing from a distance with a minimalist design displaying the temperature, humidity, and if the unit is set to cooling or heating, the ecobee comes to life as you approach to provide more options. You can then access various settings, set schedules, and adjust the temperature. When it comes to the Nest and ecobee’s smart home compatibility there are some differences. The ecobee smart thermostat works with Alexa and has a built-in Alexa speaker which allows for interconnected smart home setups with your other Amazon/Alexa devices while also being able to play music. The ecobee also has smart security devices for its platform. So you can easily combine your smart thermostat with a security system via one convenient app. Once set up, your Ecobee can provide you with energy reports that detail your consumption and show possible.

Make your home more comfortable with an Ecobee

Talk to the experts at DC Air today about how an ecobee smart thermostat can transform your home. They’ve been providing homeowners in southern Ontario and the greater Ottawa region comfort for over 50 years.

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