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Maintenance plans from DC Air

Your furnace, air conditioner, and all of your other HVAC equipment needs to be maintained to keep working smoothly and efficiently. While you might not notice any negative effects after skipping your scheduled maintenance for a year, your equipment does. Issues will pile up that reduce your equipment’s efficiency and may cause it to breakdown. Maintenance plans from the dedicated professionals at DC Air can help prevent these problems and protect your valuable maintenance equipment.

What to Expect from a Maintenance Plan

You can get a maintenance plan for any of your HVAC equipment. No matter which piece of equipment we are working on, we will inspect and maintain every part. This includes the basics like changing the filter out and cleaning off the equipment. We will also check on the performance of the unit and look at all of the specific parts to ensure that they are all in good working order. We also check for safety issues, to make sure that your equipment isn’t a risk to you and your family.
Reasons to Choose a Service / Maintenance Plan

There are many benefits to a service and maintenance plan. Here are just the top three:

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Maintain energy efficiency

You invested a lot in equipment with the energy-efficiency you wanted. Maintenance is key to keep your equipment running well, using up as little fuel as possible while still consistently doing its job. Proper maintenance will help save you money on utilities for the long term.

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Get a longer service life

Well-maintained equipment will have a longer service life. It will need fewer repairs; parts will experience less wear-and-tear and your HVAC professional will be able to warn you when they see that your equipment is approaching the end of its life.

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Avoid emergencies

Getting an HVAC professional in your door yearly is a great way to avoid emergencies. Properly maintained furnaces are much less likely to stop working in the middle of the winter. The same goes for air conditioners in the summer. Plus, when DC Air maintains your equipment, we can let you know if your equipment is on its way out in the next few years. Buying a brand new furnace can be a financial emergency for some, so getting that early notice is really helpful and can help give you enough time to save.

Get Your Home Ready

There are plenty of steps to set up smart HVAC technology in your home, but you don’t have to worry about them. DC Air is your partner in smart home technology. We can handle everything from purchasing to installing and even troubleshooting your system. You’ll find that our approachable experts are friendly and knowledgeable when you ask questions. You can trust us to help you make the right purchase and set up the system for you properly. Reach out to us today to discuss your smart home thermostat options.

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