The average life of a central air conditioner is 25-50 years depending on make, model, efficiency, location of condenser, climate, and usage.

HVAC filters should be changed every 3-4 months to maintain optimum IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) and furnace functionality. Some factors like construction in your neighbourhood, pets, allergies, plants, trees and personal preferences could all mean changing your filter more or less frequently.

The optimal humidity for your home is around 30-60 percent.

The average life of a furnace is 25-50 years depending on make, model, efficiency, location of condensor, climate, and usage.

Typically getting your ducts cleaned once a year and changing your filter regularly should be good to maintain your furnace. A cover for your AC and only running it when necessary will add years to your equipment.

Whatever you find the most comfortable for you! Try to match your temperature with the humidity to best control dust, bacteria, and pollutants.

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