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Ductwork for better home comfort

Every forced-air HVAC system needs ductwork. The metal ducts are what bring warm air from your furnace to the rest of your home. They also bring cold air from your central air conditioner to every corner of the house. Ductwork needs to be properly sized and laid out to create a consistent temperature in your home. Some home designs or HVAC equipment may require you to change your ductwork to have a more comfortable house.

Why Get Custom Ductwork?

Many people have poor ductwork and don’t realize how much it impacts their comfort. Air leaks from improperly fitted pieces can release your conditioned air before it gets to where it’s going. As a result, some parts of your home may be cooler in summer or hot in winter than others. These cold and hot spots can undermine your comfort in your home, and make you spend more on utilities than you should to heat or cool your home. Ducting may also be improperly sized. Small ducting will resist the flow of air from your furnace or air conditioner. This can stress the unit and cause damages. You may also need to get ductwork done so that you can fit in a new size filter for your furnace. Thicker filters offer better performance, but if the ductwork is too small, the filter won’t fit. With custom ductwork, you can avoid all of these problems and get air ducts that will serve your HVAC system and your home properly.
The Process of Ductwork Fabrication

How does the process of getting custom ductwork work, exactly? There are three main steps:

custom ductwork installation


First, we take a look at your current ductwork design, if there is one. We assess its strengths and weaknesses and make a plan for how it needs to change in order to work with your new HVAC equipment or better work with your existing equipment. If you don’t currently have ductwork, then we can create a whole new plan from scratch and develop a ductwork system that works.

custom ductwork contractor


Next, all of the ductwork pieces need to be cut and shaped. Depending on your design, you may need custom pieces to move around equipment or serve an unusual floor plan. We can create all of these custom pieces for you.

custom ductwork being installed


Lastly, we will arrive to install the system. We carefully add each piece and make sure that it is well-sealed to avoid air leaks. Once in place, you should find that your HVAC units work better.

Get Your Home Ready

At DC Air, we are a family-friendly company and a member of the local community. We care about the quality of work that we provide for our customers. While some HVAC companies will overlook ducting, we have the knowledge and experience to do it right, and to know that it’s important. Reach out to us today for your custom ductwork.

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