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Bringing The Heat

A new furnace will make your home much more comfortable, affordable to heat, and consistently warm. But, every home is different with unique needs. So, we believe in providing home owners with multiple options to best suit their needs. We’ll take the time to explain your options to you so that you get the furnace that will keep your home comfortable and meet your unique expectations.

What to Consider for Your Furnace

When you buy a furnace, what should you be thinking? There is a bit more to the decision than choosing between a Goodman furnace and a Lennox furnace. The brand is important, but there are other factors like size, type, efficiency, and your budget that matter too. Furnace efficiency is a big factor for most homeowners. Efficiency is typically measured in AFUE, which stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, and is the percentage of fuel a furnace turns directly into heat. The rest is lost in the exhaust and through inefficiencies. The very minimum AFUE on a furnace you can buy is 80%, but it can go as high as 97%. This 17% is a big difference in performance and costs. Many older furnaces are 80% efficient while the standard furnace we install is 96% efficient.
Types of furnaces

There are three main kinds of furnaces that you can choose from. Learn more about them before you request a furnace quote. Here is a quick guide to what they are:

single stage furnace installation Mississauga Ontario


Single-stage furnaces can be either on or off. That might sound simple, but it works. A single-stage furnace runs for as long as needed to bring your home up to the temperature you set at your thermostat. Once the temperature is achieved, then it turns off to wait for the temperature to drop again, or for you to change the settings.

two stage furnace installation ontario


A two-stage furnace has a second setting. It can run at full blast or produce a moderate amount of heat. When it needs to make up a lot of ground in temperature, it will produce the maximum amount of heat. However, it can continuously add moderate amounts of heat to keep temperatures more consistent in your home. As it doesn’t turn off and on as often, it also has a longer lifespan and less repairs.

variable speed furnace installation Mississauga & GTA


A variable speed furnace can produce a range of heat, working as hard or as little as it needs to keep your home’s temperature perfectly consistent where you set it. Variable-speed furnaces usually run continuously and will start to work harder when it’s colder outside, to keep your home warm.

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Not all homeowners realize just how important regular maintenance is for their furnace. Maintenance on any HVAC equipment is like getting the oil changed on your car. A bit of an annoyance, but important to keep it running well. At DC Air, we do everything we can to make your yearly maintenance convenient and thorough, so that your furnace runs more efficiently, needs fewer major repairs, and keeps working longer.