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While keeping it cool

We can keep you cool, not just by installing a new air conditioner, but by helping you figure out which is the best air conditioner for you. Our helpful team carefully listens to your needs and gives you the expert advice you need in order to buy, install and repair an air conditioner that works for you.

How to Choose an Air Conditioner

When you’re buying an air conditioner, looking at the brand names is just half the story. You don’t just choose between a Lennox air conditioner and a Goodman air conditioner. You also need to consider size, efficiency, and even type of air conditioner. SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is one of the most important factors to consider. A higher SEER rating means that an air conditioner works more efficiently, or cost-effectively. All homes are a little different, but DC Air can help you match your needs with an AC installation that will keep your summers cool for years to come. You’ll be living with your choice of air conditioner for a long time, and we’re happy to help you make it the right choice.
Common types of air conditioners

There are three main kinds of air conditioners. Here is a quick explanation and a comparison of these different kinds.

single stage air conditioner by DC Air Mississauga ontario

Single Stage Air Conditioner

A single-stage air conditioner works by turning on to a high speed to cool your home to a desired temperature. The air-conditioner will then turn on and off periodically to maintain that desired temperature. These air conditioners provide good energy efficiency do a good job of temperature control.

two stage air conditioner installation & repair Mississauga ontario

Dual-stage air conditioner

Dual-stage air conditioners have two speeds. These air conditioners operate similar to a single stage air conditioner where they will turn on to a high speed to reach the desired temperature. To maintain this temperature, the air conditioner will fluctuate between high speed and low speed, typically operating at low speed. These furnaces provide better temperature control and energy efficiency. This equipment is quieter and will save more money in the long term than a single stage.

variable stage air conditioner installation & repair Mississauga ontario

Variable stage air conditioner

A variable speed air conditioner works more like a gas pedal than a switch. It operates by adjusting its speed to provide the closest temperature to what is set on the thermostat. Unlike single or double stage equipment, variable stage air conditioners run continuously and are the most quiet and efficient of all the air conditioners.

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We’re a family-friendly HVAC company. We know that while Ontario has harsh winters, the summer can be just as hot. We’re as dedicated to keeping your home cool in the summer as we are to bringing the heat in the winter. That’s why we offer thorough and convenient air conditioner maintenance plans that will keep your air conditioner running even longer.