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4 Best HVAC Systems For New Homes

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New homes have an advantage over resells because you can choose the type of HVAC system you prefer. When looking at what’s available, in terms of HVAC systems for new homes, you can consider these four heating and cooling options for efficiency and comfort.

1. Standard AC & Furnace Split System

Also known as forced air systems, as one of the top residential HVAC options available, this system uses a blower fan to circulate air through ducts. They work using fossil fuels usually burning natural gas. This is a common choice in Canada due to our colder winters. They are more affordable both for the equipment and the operation compared to electric and oil furnaces. However, because it is a new home you also have to consider the cost of installing ductwork. You can recoup a lot of that investment over time thanks to their energy efficiency. However, if you suffer from allergies, keep in mind they are more likely to spread dust and allergens through the ductwork while also keeping the air very dry.

2. Mini Split Heat Pump System

This has become a much more popular choice in the past few years as they don’t burn fossil fuels. Instead, they use a compressor and refrigerant that either picks up heat and sends it outside to keep the home cool or reverses the process to keep a home warm. This is a good choice as it is very cost-effective both for installation and energy use. As well, unlike split systems that combine heat pumps with standard furnaces or dual fuels, the mini-split has the ability to keep homes warm even in sub-freezing temperatures. Most use inverter technology so they manage energy more effectively by constantly running at very low capacities. They can increase or decrease energy to keep temperatures comfortable without the need for you to constantly be programming or adjusting the thermostat. Better yet, for new homes, you save even more money because these systems can also be ductless. They consist of an outdoor unit and then individual units in each room and the system is zoned. However, where you might find the additional cost is that you tend to need a more expensive cold-climate mini-split in Canada. Are you looking for a reliable HVAC company for all your HVAC maintenance needs? Contact DC Air today.

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3. Boiler with Radiant Heat System & AC

This HVAC system is very popular in Europe but is gaining momentum in North America. However, despite their advantages, they tend to be quite expensive. If you are leaning towards this option, avoid the electric units as they cost more to operate in cold climates. Boilers use hot water in tubes installed in subfloors to deliver heat. It is an excellent option for new homes as they don’t require ducts. You won’t find a more comfortable heating solution, and your floors are always nice and warm. They can also provide water for the rest of the home if you choose a combination boiler. On the negative side, the radiant floor pipes are very costly to install, and they are also slow to heat, even when just making an adjustment to temperatures.

4. Geothermal Heat Pump System

Last but not least, when you compare heating and air conditioning systems, you shouldn’t overlook geothermal systems. They circulate water in pipes, but in this case, the pipes are installed underground. They are very efficient at heating and cooling, as they are stored in the earth where temperatures are easier to adjust than the air. If you are committed to building a “green” home, this is the recommended HVAC system for you. Although they are the most expensive to install, they are the most efficient saving you more money than any other system over the time you live in the home. However, because much of the system is located underground, it is the most expensive system to maintain and repair.

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When choosing HVAC systems for new homes, these tend to be the top heating and air conditioning options available. If you are interested in learning more about our new home construction HVAC services, give us a call today.